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The 5 Principles of Video Engagement

To stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market, companies are pivoting to take advantage of new opportunities and technologies. Video has proven to be a versatile and impactful tool, but many organizations lack a comprehensive engagement strategy.

The 5 Principles of Video Engagement Ebook cover.

To realize the benefits of video communication, companies need to invest in the five principles of video engagement success:

  • Make video a standard language for business
  • Ensure video has a purpose
  • Deliver video when and where it’s needed
  • Grow to support the hyper-distributed workforce
  • Evaluate the impact of your video

All forms and templates in this Toolkit are electronically fillable, so there is no printing required. Modification, reformatting or rebranding of any part of this toolkit requires written permission from the Qumu Marketing Team. To request permission, please email

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