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Customer Onboarding & Training

The ongoing desire to onboard in a rapid fashion can test even the most seasoned onboarding professional. Organizations must be prepared to improve their customer onboarding process. With a deeper understanding of your customers, enterprise video allows you to tailor your messaging and approach, increasing overall satisfaction and paving the way for adoption.

How to alleviate the pressure to onboard customers better and faster.


There is no challenge because of complex networks and environments. Delivery will be flawless every time.


There is no room for ungoverned, high risk video content in an ever changing regulated environment.


There is no longer any obstacles because of the shear size of your audience. Neither is their location.

A man working on a laptop in a cafe.

Deliver the right information to the right people.

There is no one size fits all solution. There is often an overwhelming amount of information thrust upon a newly acquired customer. However, live stream and video on demand can help prioritize and deliver the right information in a user friendly fashion.

A woman working on a laptop.

Enable faster adoption, retention and expansion.

Without proper onboarding, customers are left to feel disenfranchised and disengaged often overcome with the amount of information they need to digest in a short amount of time. Video streamlines content so that those who need it can better consume it.

Over 90% of customers feel that the companies they buy from “could do better” when it comes to onboarding new users/customers.

The Video Experience. Enhanced.

The need to connect hasn’t changed. How we connect has. The product launch, the town hall meeting, the response to crisis, or the continuity of onboarding, training and learning can all reach success with video. Qumu puts the right content into the right hands at the right time.

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