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Whether from your desktop webcam, studio encoder, or video teleconference, capture video and enrich it to provide relevant experiences that engage your audiences.



Video Presentation: Creating,
Editing, Publishing

Easily produce high-quality, interactive live
stream events

Direct Capture or Connection via Video Encoder to 3rd Party Video Creation Tools

Capture and produce video from any video conference, recording, or studio solution

Live Streaming with Chat, Polling,
Q&A, Captions

Natively create video from any device

A woman filming with a smartphone mounted on a mini tripod.

Create Video Anywhere from Any Device

  • Native Qumu video authoring
  • Video conferencing (Zoom, Cisco, Microsoft)
  • Mobile and desktop devices
  • Professional and podcast studios
  • Live streaming feeds

The Video Experience. Enhanced.

The need to connect hasn’t changed. How we connect has. The product launch, the town hall meeting, the response to crisis, or the continuity of onboarding, training and learning can all reach success with video. Qumu puts the right content into the right hands at the right time.

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