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Gain insights to make better decisions about video experience by analyzing your real-time network and viewer engagement data and measuring the relative performance of your content.



User and Content Reach

Track and report user engagement

User and Content Engagement

Measure and compare video content performance

Video Delivery Troubleshooting

Analyze and evaluate video network delivery

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Analyze Live and On-demand Video at Scale

  • Understand how and when video is being used
  • Learn what devices people use most
  • Track video quality across the network
  • Gain insight into video consumption – most watched authors, most watched videos, video portions most watched, for how long, repeated watching

The Video Experience. Enhanced.

The need to connect hasn’t changed. How we connect has. The product launch, the town hall meeting, the response to crisis, or the continuity of onboarding, training and learning can all reach success with video. Qumu puts the right content into the right hands at the right time.

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